Western Commode and types of Western Commodes

Western Commode and types of Western Commodes

In today’s time the western commodes have become the first preference of the people. It is not only comfortable but puts an end to all the health related issues too. Most of the people find it difficult to use the Indian toilets due to problem in their leg. This is quite a common issue and that is why most of the people are now switching to a better choice and it is the western commode. These are easy to install and prove to be a onetime investment too. If you too want a western commode toilet in your home or office, there are numerous options to go for.

Some of the common and popular types of commodes that you will find in the market are:-

  • The very first and most popular type is the Floor Mounted Commode. The best thing about this style is that it provides comfortable seating so even if the people have movement problems they will be able to enjoy great amount of comfort. So one will not face any problem but stay tension free.
  • The next type of option which you have is the wall hung cistern. Though it is not so common but still is the preference of most of the homeowners. It is because of the simple reason that is well designed, easy to use and install. Even the price range is quite affordable which means that it will suit your budget. Also it needs less space so if your toilet is not spacious you can go for this option.
  • Parryware Commode is also a trusted brand. If you are looking for a long term investment, this is surely a brand you can rest upon. Its commodes are durable and at the same time budgeted too. This is the reason that this brand is so popular among the people.
  • Link suite is the next type of commode which you can consider for your home. Though it is not much in demand but still is quite cheap and that is why many people go for it. This type of commode requires a little more space than the other toilets but apart from this it is a perfect choice when it comes to your budget.

So you need not take any tension but just explore the various styles first and then decide which one is best suited according to your requirements as well as the budget.

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