Types of Drainers for Bathroom and Kitchen

Types of Drainers for Bathroom and Kitchen

Bottle Trap

Waste Coupling


Water clogging is one of the nightmares affecting the homeowners in the bathroom and the kitchen because they are hub of activities. It is important to find the drainers that could accomplish the task in a jiffy and eliminate the problems without any hassles. Different types of drainers are as follows:

Bottle Trap:

It is placed right under the sink or the basin and plays an important role in keeping the bathroom hygienic and clean. When people are using water, the waste is siphoned off through the drainage pipe and into the sewer. Over a period of time the waste accumulates and causes the release of the toxic gases. Bottle Trap doesn’t allow the gas to escape right into the bathroom and assists in maintaining hygiene.

Since the diameter of the trap is bigger than the plumbing pipe, the water from the latter is directed into the former. As more water fill in, the water inside the trap is passed on into the drainage and the sewer. When the gas rises up to enter through the trap, its passage is blocked by the water because the pipe from the basin is immersed in the liquid.

Waste Coupling:

Waste coupling is another type of drainer that can work under different conditions even with harmful liquid. It is made of stainless steel which are resistant to corrosion. Precise designing of the coupling ensures that they are able to drain out the water with perfection. Since the component can perfectly fit into the basin, it can work for a long time. Durability is a vital attribute for coupling.

Viking drainers should work to its optimum capacity to meet the requirements and the specifications of the users. Dirty water clogging onto the floor can destroy the tiles and cause long term to the house. It might also lead to the breeding of nocturnal insects resulting in more diseases. Cockroach Trap is instrumental in catching the insects and eliminating them so that they can do no harm.

Anti fowl drainer eliminates the bad smell and helps to keep the surrounding ambience healthy. It is made of superior quality steel and is known for extreme durability. Due to easy installation and maintenance, they are bound to provide long term services in the bathroom and the kitchen. Waste food particles are drained out without any hassles and the accumulation of the poisonous gases is blocked successfully to deliver sterling results.

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