Painting, the emblem of history


Painting is an art form and encrypted version of various hues of life. We play with colours on canvas to enliven our perception and fantasy. It has a very long traditional background from the Pre-historic times in India.

Though initially it used to be considered as mimesis of reality, expressions & emotions. But gradually it has been transformed into an influential medium to exhibit social, cultural, psychological & economical dogma of human life and their believes.

From the rock paintings age upto modern abstract art, painting form has been evolved a lot and various forms also have been introduced. Among those forms Ganjifa art, Mysore painting, Rajasthani art, Tanjore painting, Madhubani and Pattachitra arts are most remarkable.

The Ganjifa art form have a history of 300 years. Mostly it had got popularity during Mughal Era.This form is a unique blend of exquisite art and hand work and specially was used to use for making card for playing games. Though this art is only used for wall hanging now a days. Another Mughal Era based out art form is Rajasthani art which has got different style for being miniaturized .Among all well-known art form Tanjore painting which had been evolved on 16th Century, has got divergent features like rich in colour and compact composition. When it comes to the point of historical impressions on art forms, Mysore painting has an important esteem among art lovers because of its classicality. This south Indian art form is quite identical to Tanjore painting. Usage of colours which are extracted from Vegetables and minerals, distinguish this art form from others.

Folk and tribal art form like Pattachitra of Odisha and Madhubani of Mithila, the norther part of Bihar are also having great popularity among aesthetes. Both art form used to be used for beautification of dwellings by mythological story depiction by women artist mostly.

Time has changed and so we are. But still we prefer paintings to décor our dwellings. In modern days wall paintings not only enhances the look of our home and décor, but it also talks about our social eminence. There are loads of sources of owning these art forms and Fyne also suggest you the same from its widest range of painting collections.

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